John Paul Kirkham

Poet - Writer - Photographer in Liverpool. Enjoy the photographs and free books including the autobiography "I Saw Her Standing There"

John Paul is a poet, photographer and writer living in the City of Liverpool and has written 20 books and collaborations including the well known anthology of poetry “In Violet” and and is the official biographer of two Italian saints: Clare of Assisi and Gemma Galgani of Lucca. 

Studying in the 1970’s at the Laird School of Art in Merseyside led to a long career as a photographer firstly in forensics (yes the scary stuff of “Silent Witness”) then general phototography and film making. John Paul also spent twelve years on Kensington Palace’s royal photographic rota with Her Royal Highness Diana - Princess of Wales and over the years has featured on television, radio and as a real life character in Blake Morrisons book of stories "Too True"


Poem of the Moment 

A New Clear Day 

The early morning clear violet sky  

turned suddenly brighter  

than a thousand suns 

 people caught … fraught … unaware

 running in the dust of a blistering heat

 odours arose to dull the senses

 a pain … a pounding

 and then …. serene