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The latest anthology of poetry “Zig Zag Road” with a special prologue and epilogue by Judie Tzuke, one of the UK’s treasured singer songwriters. This new eclectic mix of poetry and prose is autobiographical and features characters that really existed. Inspired by our natural world of sensual humanity and always remembering that poetry is often written to stir emotion or passion. And in the end you will find Zig Zag Road. Mesmerising and hauntingly thought provoking, the book has been accepted to be placed in Liverpool's city archives for posterity to the end of time.

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First published to rave reviews in 2011 with award winning poetry, this is a specially curated, revised and extended 10th anniversary edition featuring a prologue and epilogue using the words of Nick Drake by kind permission of his estate Bryter Layter. Discover an extensive collection of freestyle poetry and prose that is auto-biographical, diverse and reflective.

Poetry can transform the mind like a visual image. Sometimes the mystery and intrigue are at the fringes of the scene or hidden in the lines on a page so when we look or read about a beautiful panorama we visualise in clear shades of blue skies or green landscapes but right in the corner at the edge of the spectrum lies the colour violet, barely discernible but like a secret its there waiting to be revealed.

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 There are gems here - Poetry Space


The poetry is beautiful and the collection has the intriguing quality of an autobiographical set of poems. In particular and I love the fact that the poems evoke a sense of place and yearning that refer to the past.     

Catherine Chapman – Smashwords


The poetry is like a gentle breeze that caresses the face and tousles the hair slightly. Sometimes, the words create a storm of emotions so intense, that the reader will be forced to sit up and read again and again and again.

☆☆☆☆☆ A.G Chaudhuri  - Shining Dawn


I am once again struck by the child-like wonder in them … refreshing … endearing … many of them are ravishingly beautiful in their simplicity and accuracy.

David Price - A Master Class


     An entertaining and touching read - Fran Macilvey - Scottish Book Trust


Incredibly talented - Joseph Kassabian - TSK Sustainable Book Publishing


This is a beautiful anthology - Jessica Jade Burton - The Library of Living